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Imago first mall to hold virtual Christmas and New Year event

Imago Shopping Mall conducts online Christmas and New Year celebrations.

KOTA KINABALU: Malaysia continues to be gripped by Covid-19 with the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) still in force until 31st December 2020.

This makes celebration with friends and families impossible as everyone is expected to continue to comply strictly with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) enforced by the government.

Shopping malls are also finding new ways to cope with this, but Imago Shopping Mall has come up with an interesting way to celebrate Christmas and to usher in the New Year as they bring the celebrations to everyone instead.

Imago Shopping Mall is always known for its glamorous and stunning events and decorations until it has become almost like a tradition for people to visit every year.

This year, Imago Shopping Mall broke from tradition and conducted online Christmas and New Year celebrations via Facebook Live instead, with the theme this year called, “Devotion – Eternal Faith, Forever Love”.

Their focus this year is to bring the festive mood to everyone virtually online as many cannot travel far, some forced to stay at home, while some have to be at the frontlines.

According to Dr Yu Tat Loong, Executive Director of Asian Pac Holdings Berhad, owner of Imago Shopping Mall, “Year 2020 is probably one of the rare periods in our life when we are faced with challenges one after another. There is so much gloom and doom in the news that we started thinking about what we can do to bring some positive vibes back into people’s life. Hence, we thought about bringing Christmas and New Year celebrations to people wherever they are, where even those at the frontlines can be part of this celebration.”

“The theme ‘Devotion’ is a tribute to those who have devoted themselves in the fight against everything negative around us, whether to the unsung heroes at the frontlines, or to the various sectors and industries fighting hard for survival, or to family and friends supporting each other one way or another to survive this Covid-19 crisis that cannot seem to end. The sunflower theme this year is to symbolise our indomitable will to fight on and to pursue the positivity in life,” added Yu.

Imago Shopping Mall seems to be the first mall in Malaysia to conduct a virtual Christmas and New Year celebration live from the mall itself. The Facebook Live broadcast is from 21-23 December 2020 and 28-30 December 2020 09:00pm to 10:30pm.

Imago Shopping Mall has also consciously and actively supported local by bringing Sabah’s talents together such as Jonathan & Leo, Santiana Ramli, Stega, Rachel Wesley Pai, Sarma & Jonathan, Lawrance Band, Jason, Emma Suhaimi, Gin Liau.

“While we must continue to be vigilant in our fight against Covid-19, we also need to look ahead and plan for the future and what better time to do so than now as we move into a new year. We will all come out stronger from this, as long as we stay strong, say positive, and stay safe,” said Yu.

A special Christmas Eve and New Year Countdown live broadcast on 24 December and 31 December respectively will also be held, including also local performers like K-Clique, Benzoloo, Khalif Band, Santiana Ramli, Emma Suhaimi, Wesley Liew, Borneoholic, Tianlong, Rica, Adam Shamil, Megan, True Echo, Dabra Sia, Marleynney Fane, Asif & Rene Vintage Jazz Band, Jonathan Tse, Farish, Gee.

Live online lucky draws will also take place during the live sessions with Imago Shopping Mall giving away cash vouchers to lucky winners where the top prizes are RM1,500/= Tory Burch and Coach cash vouchers among many more.

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