NEW YORK, June 23 — Just like poppy seeds, flax seeds or hemp seeds, chia seeds have taken over our kitchens to garnish salads, yogurts and other desserts, while also proffering their numerous health benefits. In fact, they are now the stars of TikTok, notably featuring as a key ingredient in THE drink of the moment — the “internal shower” — which has millions of fans on the social network. While their health benefits are tried and tested, the lesser-known oil obtained from chia seeds is now being praised for its skincare benefits.

It all started with a podcast in which Dr Daryl Gioffre, a nutritionist to various US celebrities, talks about a drink he created several years ago to relieve intestinal problems. In just a few weeks, the drink — called the “internal shower” — became a ‘miracle cure’ on TikTok, with nearly 60 million views for the related hashtag. The drink, made with water, lemon juice and chia seeds, is going down a storm with users of the Chinese social network, who heap praise on its benefits.

The plant from which chia seeds originate was already cultivated by the Aztecs several centuries ago. And these seeds have many health benefits, including — as you may have guessed — promoting intestinal transit and improving digestion. Naturally rich in proteins, omega-3, fibre and minerals, chia seeds are not only beneficial for digestive disorders, but also for concentration, memory and sleep quality, while acting as an appetite suppressant.

The only drawback — and not the least — is that only two tablespoons of chia seeds per day are recommended to benefit from its many advantages. Beyond that, they could increase the risk of diarrhoea. Much less glamorous.

Your new beauty buddy?

Widely known in the form of seeds to be sprinkled on many dishes, chia is much less known in the form of oil. Yet its virtues for the skin and hair are just as numerous. And this could mean that this miracle oil — already available via specialised stores — is likely to make its way slowly but surely into our future cosmetics.

Rich in antioxidants, chia oil helps fight against external aggressors, and thus protect the skin from the damaging effects of pollution, stress or the sun. It could therefore be a great ally to prevent skin aging. But that’s not all. The omega-3s it contains also provide elasticity, suppleness and hydration to the skin, while accelerating its regeneration process. On top of that, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. All of which are good reasons to welcome this oil into your bathroom. — ETX Studio