KUALA LUMPUR, July 2 — After some tumultuous years, the Genting SkyWorlds theme park finally had its soft opening earlier this year. As crowds pour back into Genting though, as anyone who’s ever been to a theme park can tell you the rides may be great fun but waiting for it in line is not. Genting Skyworlds though claims to have a solution.

Together with Alibaba Cloud, they’ve developed the region’s first AI-powered ‘Virtual Queue’ system, baked right into the Genting Skyworlds app. Basically, once you’re at Genting Skyworlds, you can link your ticket to the app and “queue” up for rides by pre-booking your spot onto a ride you want to go for. The app will tell you exactly how long you’ll need to wait until the next open slot is available, and you can choose one of many time slots to get on the ride.

The ‘Virtual Queue’ system is baked right into the Genting Skyworlds app. — Picture via SoyaCincau

According to my colleague Fatin who used the app to “queue” up and book her spot on multiple rides, the experience was significantly better than having to queue up regularly. She adds that folks using the virtual queue solution had their own lane to the rides and had basically reserved their spot for the rides. It’s super simple to use once you’re at the theme park and allows you to maximise your time there by booking the rides you want to go on in advance and head over only when it’s your turn, rather than queueing up with everyone else.

“Thanks to this collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, Genting SkyWorlds is the first theme park in Southeast Asia to feature advanced VQ technology, enabling guests to skip the regular lines and choose what to do when they want.

With the VQ system integrated into our mobile app, guests will have access to some attractive features, including ability to reserve preferred rides, attractions and entertainment based on preferred time slots, create groups for multiple ticket holders, view recommended itineraries and receive real-time alerts for VQ reservations,” – Greg Pearn, VP and Head of Theme Park Operations, Resorts World Genting

If you’re planning your next family trip to Genting SkyWorlds, here’s how you can use their virtual queue solution to skip the queues. It’s also worth noting that some attractions can only be ridden on if you use the VQ feature on the app. First thing’s first, you got to buy your ticket of course, which you can do either over the counter or online. Then, create your profile in the Genting SkyWorlds app and link your ticket to it; we did so by scanning the QR code on the ticket with the app. You’ll also need to use the app to scan into the theme park.

Once you’re in, you can simply open the app’s home page which lets you see the entire theme park and its available rides. — Picture via SoyaCincau

Once you’re in, you can simply open the app’s home page which lets you see the entire theme park and its available rides. Each ride will have an approximate waiting time shown too. If you want to ride the Independence Day: Defiance ride for instance, you can just click on it and then tap on the ‘VQ Reserve Now’ button and choose a time slot that best fits your schedule. The best part is that you can actually choose a bunch of rides from the get go, and use the itinerary planner to keep track of what ride to go to, all without having to queue in line with everyone else.

You can download the Genting SkyWorlds app before going up there on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. — SoyaCincau